How It’s Made

Only Natural Ingredients

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Our Commitment

7 natural ingredients

We’re committed to making D’Avocado a delicious and good for you chocolate by using the same exact ingredients we used in our kitchen when we first created it.

Staying true to an all natural ingredient recipe hasn’t been the easy path. It has cost us time, money and patience. Because the only way to do it right was to create our own production process.

In this patent pending process, we use high pressure pasteurization. Basically, it allows us to make a lot of D’Avocado without compromising taste or nutrition. And it helps us avoid using preservatives and junk fillers; avocado, cocoa, honey, vanilla, lemon, arrowroot and water are the only ingredients. Throughout several production runs, we’ve continued to fine tune and perfect it. So that D’Avocado can be an all natural, creamy and delicious plant-based chocolate with a shelf life that’s measured in months not days.

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”My kids love having it as a healthy treat in their lunchboxes.”

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