frequently asked questions

does it need to be refrigerated?


is it gluten free?


is it vegan?

Yes, for vegans who don’t observe the honey restriction.  While we tried to make D’Avocado acceptable for all vegans, we found that honey was far superior to other sweeteners with respect to both taste and nutrition.

does it come in different sizes?

Not at this time.

why does it change color?

We don’t use preservatives, stabilizers or anything artificial. As a result, occasional dark spots may appear on the product – especially after it is opened and exposed to air.  This is completely normal and does not impact taste, texture or safety. Stated differently, what happens to an avocado when exposed to air? It darkens. Same thing with D’Avocado.

safe for those with nut allergies?

Yes. D’Avocado is completely nut free.

how is it made?

We simply blend our 7 ingredients in a large mixing bowl, carefully fill each two-ounce cup, then use our patent-pending high pressure process to preserve the product with zero preservatives.

how long will it last once I open it?

Try to consume within 3 days of opening each individual cup.

what is the nutrition information?


when will it be available near me?

We’re in the process of rapidly expanding D’Avocado beyond our Minneapolis test market.  Find a location near you.

where do i find it in the store?

At most locations, D'Avocado can be found in the produce section.