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And love for chocolate

We’re so excited to launch this new product we created in our own kitchen. Our mission is simple: we want everyone to eat more chocolate. We created D’Avocado so we could eat something we love more often and feel great about it. We enjoy it for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Our kids say that it doesn't count as dessert. But we think it’s a perfect way to satisfy a sweet tooth, or add sweet to savory and feel like you’re doing something good for yourself.

Many brands these are days are making “better for you” treats. They’re taking the bad stuff out and replacing with healthier ingredients. We’re thrilled that this is happening, but we wanted to go further. We re-created chocolate so that it’s not just better for you, it’s actually good for you. When we decided to share this with others, we created a production process that allows us to deliver the same great taste with the same exact (only natural) ingredients we used in our kitchen.

People are enjoying D’Avocado in so many ways. Some eat it like a pudding, others dip fruit, chips or crackers in it. Others spread on toast and sandwiches. Some put in smoothies or freeze like ice cream. However you decide to eat it, we hope you love it!

- The D’Alessandro family


”I love this product so much! I drive from downtown to St Louis Park to get it!!!”

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